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Following the tragic earthquake which struck Haiti in 2010, Lake Hills Church partnered with C3 Global to financially, educationally, and spiritually support an orphanage of 40 children with food, medical care, and tuition. Every year, teams of LHC members travel to Haiti to invest in the lives of these children and bring Christ to this part of the world.


We provide nutrition, enhance education, teach sanitation and bring transformation of life in Haiti.

Through nutrition lives are enhanced. Simply put, people around the world are dying from hunger and malnutrition. With your help, NEST provides meals for the starving, hungry and malnourished of our world. By meeting this very basic need, we can lead people from surviving to thriving and open the door to share the gospel of Jesus!

Through education, horizons are expanded. Through the educational process, people begin to understand their role in their own future, see the opportunities before them, and take steps to change their future. We enhance the educational experience by providing supplies, teacher training, meaningful encouragement, and training. 

Through sanitation health is restored. Chronic illnesses and shortened life spans are often a result of poor sanitary practices and dirty water. Not only do we work to provide clean water, we go beyond by partnering with local communities to create and maintain a sanitary environment through education and training. Our goal is to help improve the living conditions and teach basic hygiene to the families in Haiti.

Through transformation hope rises. The external factors of nutrition and sanitation combined with the internal factor of education lays the foundation for growth and transformation of life. Our mission is not to impact just part of a person, but to transform the whole person through a personal relationship with Jesus.  As people begin to see themselves, their world and their future with new eyes, dreams begin to take shape in their hearts. Those in despair begin to live with expectation. Those who have been gripped by fatalism find the strength to break free. We believe the transformation of a generation can change a nation.



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