Welcome Team Descriptions

Did you know that most guests will decide if they will return to church in the first few minutes, even before the music starts? It can be easy to walk into church if you’re there every week...but do you remember what it was like walking in for the first time when you didn’t think you’d know anyone and wondered if Lake Hills Church was the place for you?

Our Welcome Teams
If smiling is your default, then we want you on our WELCOME TEAM! Our goal is for every person that comes on our campus to know we’re glad they’re here! Our Welcome Team members serve on Sunday mornings to make our guest feel at home from the streets to the seats. As part of the Welcome Team, you help set the stage for people to be open to life change. From the moment a person arrives on campus until the time they leave, the Welcome Team helps make people feel like they belong at Lake Hills Church.

Parking Team: It all begins in the parking lot. This team is a helpful, friendly, smiling group of people who are the first faces of Lake Hills Church. Volunteering on this team isn’t just about putting cars into parking spaces, but about creating a friendly and safe environment where people feel genuinely welcomed.

Greeter Team: Members of this team are on the front lines when it comes to welcoming people, making them feel comfortable with their smiles, waves, and friendly greeting.

Usher Team: This team plays a key role in helping provide a safe, courteous, and friendly place of worship. Their role is to set a distraction-free tone to the Lake Hills Church experience by being helping each person find a seat, and get any service elements throughout the morning.

Lobby Host Team: These team members are vital because of their role in helping not only in welcoming our Sunday guests, but also assisting with the flow of entrance. Lobby Hosts make sure that as everyone enters the Worship Center, they receive a program and a pen. They set a warm, welcoming tone to the Lake Hills Church experience.

Interested in the Welcome Team?